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TK-60 — Tape Machine Emulation Ableton Live Rack

TK-60 — Tape Machine Emulation Ableton Live Rack

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TK-60 is a tape machine emulator for Ableton Live designed to be easy to use and powerful. It adds the warmth of analog with three tape types modeled after classic studio tape machines. Put TK-60 on your mix bus to fatten and glue your mix, or crank things up to get a wobbly lo-fi sound.


— Three tape machine types with unique flavors

— Add warm tape saturation and soft compression

— Controls for Stability, Fidelity, Degrade, and Noise

— Emulate a lo-fi wobbly tape machine

— Random tape effects for a more realistic sound

— Includes 7 presets

— Lifetime updates

— Includes user manual


Requires Ableton Live 11 and above.


Dial in the perfect tape sound with TK60's simple interface.



Adjust the level going into TK60.



The three tape types are modeled after the frequency response curves of classic studio tape machines, each producing distinct characteristics. Compression, Color, Stability, and Noise effects are all influenced by the type of tape selected, creating unique configurations.


Type I - Swiss 24-track reel-to-reel at 30 IPS

Type II - American 16-track reel-to-reel at 15 IPS

Type III - Japanese 24-track reel-to-reel at 15 IPS



Adds a soft clip compression to soften sharp transients. Each Tape Type has unique compression settings.



Adds warm tape saturation. Crank this up to get some fat tape distortion. Each Tape Type has unique saturation settings.



Controls the EQ curve. Turn it up to cut the highs and mids to get a lo-fi sound.



Controls the amount of wow and flutter. Adds random pitch fluctuations for a more natural sound. Turn it up to get the effects of an old tape recorder. Each Tape Type has unique wow and flutter settings.



Adds random ducking, wear, errors, and age. Use this if you want the sound of an old, worn-out tape.



Controls the amount of tape noise and hiss. Each Tape Type has unique noise settings.



Controls the width of the tape noise.



Adjust the level going out of TK60.

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