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TK-60 — Tape Machine Emulation Ableton Live Effect Rack

TK-60 — Tape Machine Emulation Ableton Live Effect Rack

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TK-60 is a tape machine emulator for Ableton Live designed to be easy to use and powerful. It adds the warmth of analog with three tape types modeled after classic studio tape machines. Put TK-60 on your mix bus to fatten and glue your mix, or crank things up to get a wobbly lo-fi sound.

— Three tape machine types with unique flavors

— Add warm tape saturation and soft glue compression

— Emulate a lo-fi, wobbly tape machine

— Random tape effects for a more realistic sound

— Includes 7 presets

— Lifetime updates

Requires Ableton Live 11+ (Standard or Suite Editions)

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