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SP-01 — UI Sound Effects Library

SP-01 — UI Sound Effects Library

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SP-01 is a sound effects library crafted for app and game interfaces. The library features 64 high-quality sounds like satisfying button clicks, beeps and swipes, dynamic transitions and alerts, retro 8-bit chip noises, and more.

All WAV sound files come embedded with detailed metadata to save you time and effort. This makes it easy to find the perfect sound in your favorite audio file management tool like Soundly, Soundminer, Basehead, or any digital audio workstation software.

SP-01 sound effects library is an excellent way to create a more immersive user experience in your next project.


— 64 sounds

— WAV, AIFF, OGG, MP3 formats

— 24bit / 48kHz resolution

— Detailed embedded metadata (WAV files only)

— Named and categorized using the Universal Category System

— Royalty-free

— Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

— Lifetime updates


Preview sounds


Sound list

Alerts 8
Ambient 4
Beeps 4
Clicks 10
Pulses 9
Swipes 4
8-bit Beeps 8
8-bit Bleeps 4
8-bit Blips 4
8-bit Bloops 5
8-bit Falls 2
8-bit Risers 2
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