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LR-01 — Lightroom Analog Film Profiles & Presets Pack

LR-01 — Lightroom Analog Film Profiles & Presets Pack

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LR-01 is a collection of premium profile-based presets for Adobe Lightroom that brings analog colors and tones to your photos.

LR-01 was crafted after some of our favorite film stocks to bring those characteristics to your digital photos. With the adjustable profiles and presets, you can transform your photos with a single click.

Through a simple workflow, LR-01 allows you to quickly and easily make your photos look amazing and gives you full control to explore and create your unique style.

Each LR-01 Lightroom Preset uses our custom Film Profiles as a base, allowing you can dial in the amount of each film look without affecting the Lightroom edit sliders, giving you flexibility and control over your photos.


— 11 Film profiles

— 11 Film presets

— 3 Grain presets

— 3 Fade presets

— 3 Vignette presets

— Lifetime updates

— Works with RAW and JPG files


Compatible with Adobe Lightroom 1.3+, Adobe Lightroom Classic 7.3+, Adobe Lightroom Mobile, Adobe Camara Raw 10.3+, macOs, Windows, iOS, Android. 

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