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SR-01 — Analog Saturation Device

SR-01 — Analog Saturation Device

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No more thin, wimpy fuzz.

Inspired by the destructive crunch of a legendary "Blackface" amp overdriven, the SR-01 is a fuzz pedal with a two-stage transistor circuit that goes from subtle overdrive to full-blown fuzz.

The audio path features large capacitors that let all the low-end through, creating a thick, warm guitar sound. The full-frequency circuit blends a selection of silicon diodes that produce the kind of soft clipping that will make you forget about the germanium kind. You can also starve the second-stage transistor of power to get a gated "velcro" fuzz tone. 

SR-01's full sound is also perfect for bass, synths, and drum machines. Run them through to add saturation, harmonics, compression, and dirt.

— boost, overdrive, distortion, fuzz circuit
— large capacitors for all the thickness
— fixed high-pass filter
— first-order low-pass filter
— designed for instrument and line-level
— 9V DC center negative
— true bypass


G - first-stage gain
V - output level
A - input attenuator
C - second-stage bias
F - first-order low-pass filter
Blue button - fuzz/distortion mode
White button - fixed high-pass filter

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