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EM-90 — 12-bit Sampler Emulation Ableton Live Effect Rack

EM-90 — 12-bit Sampler Emulation Ableton Live Effect Rack

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EM-90 is an effect rack for Ableton Live designed to emulate the iconic sounds and characteristics of legendary 12-bit samplers of the 80s and 90s.

This powerful effect rack lets you get the warm, gritty, punchy sounds of the legendary E-mu SP-1200 and Akai S950 samplers. Give your drums and instruments that lo-fi sound with 12-bit resolution, digital aliasing artifacts and dust, and a steep 6th-order low-pass filter similar to the legendary filter in the S950.

To quickly get classic sounds, we've included 6 presets. Each one is modeled after the specs and characteristics of 6 legendary samplers, including two unique samplers with different bit rates: Emax (13-bit) and RZ-1 (10-bit).

With its intuitive interface and powerful processing capabilities, the EM-90 is perfect for producers, beatmakers, and musicians who want the iconic vintage lo-fi sound.

— 12-bit resolution

— Digital aliasing

— 6th-order low-pass filter

— Adjustable sample rate from 40kHz to 3.5kHz

— 6 sampler presets: S950, SP-1200, MPC60, EPS, Emax (13-bit), RZ-1 (10-bit)

— Lifetime updates

Requires Ableton Live 11+ (Standard or Suite Editions)

User Manual

Ableton, Akai, S950, E-mu, SP-1200, MPC60, EPS, Emax, and RZ-1 brand names are trademarks of their respective owners. Superlunar and this product are in no way affiliated with these companies and brands.

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